Even though you may live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, it’s hard to avoid the common cold that comes around every year.  Having a cold is never a good thing. Not only it affects your daily life and productivity, it also makes you feel weak and tired all the time. You use up all of the tissue paper in the house and start using the paper towels and newspapers.  It is also very contagious, forcing you to distance yourself from other people to avoid spreading the virus. While there is no definite cure for a cold, there are ways to ease the symptoms and to help you deal with the illness much easier and faster. However, in order to know how to get rid of a cold, you must first understand its causes and symptoms.

*NOTE, nothing in this article or practicalnourishment.com is meant to treat or diagnose any illness. 

See your physician if you have any health concerns.

Causes of Common Cold

Several types of viruses are the main causes of common cold. These viruses include rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, coronavirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. Contrary to popular belief, cold is not solely triggered by cold weather. Rather, it is the effect of viruses that found their way into your system.

Common cold is considered one of the most recurring ailments in the world because it is easy to transmit. You can obtain any of the causing viruses through direct contact with an infected person or object, as well as through inhalation of airborne virus. When a person with cold touches his nose and then holds an object, the virus is automatically transmitted to that object. The moment you hold that particular object, you can immediately get the virus. The same principle applies when an infected person sneezes or coughs while you are in the same vicinity and, in turn, inhaled the airborne virus.

Cold Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of the common cold is very helpful.  This way, you can be sure of the kind of illness you have and then determine the right course of treatment. The common symptoms of a cold are sore throat, nasal stuffiness, runny nose, fever, headache, cough, watery eyes, body pains, and fatigue, among others.

These symptoms, which can be seen both in adults and kids, manifest about three days after acquiring the virus. Once you feel any of these symptoms, it is best to treat them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the illness will get worse and you will feel sicker by the day.

There are several flu remedies and ways to reduce the symptoms of a cold. You can take over-the-counter medicines or you can do it in a more natural way. Choosing which treatment should depend on your current condition, and again, do not start any treatment without consulting with your physicians.

OTC Drugs

Given the variety of cold and flu medicines in the market, you may find it confusing which one to choose. But here is a list of common drugs that will help.

Decongestants –  a person with flu suffers from stuffy nose and decongestants can help in this. Decongestants, which come in oral medicines and sprays and drops, can lessen the discharge of fluid from the nose by decreasing the blood flow in nasal tissues.

Antihistamines – this over-the-counter drug deals with the effects of a chemical called histamine, which can cause runny nose and itchy throat and eyes, as well as sneezing. It has two groups. The first-generation antihistamines can be much more sedating than the second-generation antihistamines.

Expectorants –  this is a cough medicine that helps free the lungs of mucus by lubricating the respiratory tract.

Cough Suppressants – it is common that a person suffering from cold is also dealing with cough. This is why cough suppressants can be of great help. Suppressants such as dextromethorphan work in the brain in order to prevent coughing.

These are only some examples of OTC drugs that can deal with cold. Meanwhile, when it comes to cold sores, which are one of possible effects of colds and fever, you also have a wide range of choices. Among the ways on how to get rid of cold sores are using topical anesthetics and skin protectants and taking ibuprofen. However, you must remember that these medicines only alleviate the symptoms and pain but do not completely heal the sores.

Natural Remedies

How can you get rid of a cold the natural way? This might be the question running through your mind if you are the kind of person who isn’t that fan of OTC drugs.

Here are some ways to get rid of a cold using home remedies, which are more affordable and easier to do.

Full Rest – anyone suffering from cold shouldn’t work their body to the limits. One must rest as much as he can so as to strengthen the immune system and gather more energy to fight off the virus.

Blow your nose regularly – you need to do this in order to release the mucus from your lungs. It is a healthier way instead of sniffing the mucus back. Just remember to blow your nose properly so as to prevent an earache due to the pressure of blowing hard. When doing it, remember to press one nostril before blowing through the other gently.  Your family may want to get a pair of the best ear plugs to drown out the noise, but it’s all part of having a cold.

Drink plenty of water and gargle – if there is a quickest way to get rid of a cold, it is probably to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking enough water helps clean your body and remove the virus. It is advisable to do water therapy. You can also increase your intake of hot liquids so as to ease nasal congestion, as well as deal with inflamed membranes. When it comes to sore throat, you should gargle warm water with salt four times a day to alleviate the pain.

These are some of the ways of how to get rid of a cold. If symptoms persist and you are already suffering from a prolonged cold, you must go see a doctor to be on the safer side. Because there is no known direct cure for cold itself, it is best to prevent it. You can do this by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and strengthening your immune system through proper diet and regular exercise.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is crucial for keeping colds at bay.  Getting plenty of good sleep and keeping your hands clean are also huge factors, but if you’re not eating correctly, your system is always going to be vulnerable to getting a bug.  So keep your family eating well with proper nutrition to keep cold free.

First of all, you want to make sure you’re eating regular meals.  Grabbing a donut on the way out the door to school or work is not a breakfast.  And of course, not having breakfast isn’t healthy either.  Getting a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day.  Most people don’t think of vegetables when they think breakfast, but there is no reason you can’t serve up some steamed green beans, carrots and/or broccoli with some eggs in the morning.  Better yet, put them all together for a delicious fritatta.

The same goes for lunch.  Instead of a burger and fries, try a chicken sandwich with some veggies on the side.  You’ll feel a LOT more energetic throughout the afternoon and avoid that bloat that comes with a heavy meal.

For dinner, you guessed it… lots of veggies!  Have some protein like a lean pork chop or a nice piece of fish and some sauteed spinach with yellow squash.  Throw in a dash of garlic and pepper and you’re on your way.

Getting a cold can really ruin your day and week.  Nobody likes having that sick feeling and a nose that runs so much you need to buy bulk tissue paper to keep up with it.  It’s a horrible feeling and something you can avoid by taking a little time to prepare healthy meals.  Eating veggies with most meals helps you get the vitamins your body needs to avoid getting a cold.  If you want to take it to the next level, take a multivitamin to ensure you’re covering all your bases.  Since you can get a cold any time of the year and there isn’t really a “cold season”, the best thing you can do is eat right with easy, practical nutrition to keep your immune system running in top form.

Stock up on Bulk Tissue Paper

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tissue paperTissue paper is a must today at homes as well as in offices. However, buying boxes of tissue paper individually can be very expensive. Instead of doing that, you could buy bulk tissue paper. You don’t need to worry about wasting them because you will definitely need them continuously. Also they don’t come with expiration dates for you to worry about. Thus you can stack them and use them for a long time without problems. Buying in bulk may require you to shell out money at once but the advantage is that it is much cheaper than the price of individual boxes put together. There are many retailers who don’t mind lowering rates when you buy in bulk. Here are a few pointers to help you out along with the advantages of buying bulk tissue paper:

  • The biggest advantage of buying bulk is of course the low rates that will be offered to you. You can easily haggle and get them to reduce their rates further. If you buy in bulk, many will be more than willing to let you have your way. You can use that to your advantage.
  • Know what quality you want. For example, if you will use tissue paper mostly for wrapping items so that they don’t break and for stuffing gift boxes, you can go for cheaper options and have the rates slashed even further. However, if you need them for wrapping them as presents, you need to take quality into consideration. When you buy bulk tissue even quality tissue paper will be of low cost but may be not as much as low quality paper.
  • You should also check the color of the tissue paper and if that particular color is available on large scale. You can buy various patterns today too, based on your preference and requirements. What you buy depends on what you need the tissue paper for. Know that today almost every type of tissue paper is available in bulk.
  • The best place for bulk tissue paper is the Internet. You will find numerous choices and greatly slashed rates online. This is because online retailers are saved of shop costs and other such costs. Thus, they don’t mind selling their goods at lower prices. All you have to do is find the right shop and make your purchase with ease. There are many sites such as Amazon and eBay to rely upon along with specific sites that deal with tissue paper only. Choose a few websites first and then choose the best among the ones you selected. Make sure the website is authentic and is reputed so that you get the right deals. In your haste you should not overlook such seemingly small things because they can make a huge difference. Make a choice only after you are sure that your transaction is safe and that you are not going to be ripped off.
  • You can also check out wholesale shops if you don’t like the idea of online shopping. However, it is a good idea to compare the rates online as well as offline to find the best deal. Know that with bulk there is always room for more haggle. Don’t lose out on such an opportunity.
  • Ensure that you select the right size and style of tissue paper because remember you are buying in bulk. If you make a mistake you will be stuck with it for a long time. Thus, you should know your requirements clearly so that you make the right purchase.

Follow these steps and buying bulk tissue paper will be a breeze for you.



affordable supplementsAffordable nutritional supplements are available aplenty in the market today. You can find numerous different brands that offer different types of supplements. Some may be weight loss supplements, some may be for older women (calcium or prohormones), some may be for muscle building (like creatine or Muscle Milk), and others may be vitamins, and so on. Whatever you may be looking for, there is no denying that supplements are expensive. If you want affordable supplements, you don’t need to sweat it. You can easily find supplements that you can afford. All you have to do is search in the right place. Here are a few tips:

  • You could get a membership at any of the special supplement clubs. Many retailers offer such clubs. These clubs usually offer numerous advantages such as discounts and deals for members that you can take advantage of. The membership is usually free and you can benefit greatly through these clubs.
  • Check out the emails they send out. When you become a member you will give them your contact details such as your email ID and your phone number along with your address. Any time there is a sale, they will notify you about it and you can grab that opportunity with ease.
  • Go through discounts racks at stores. Mostly, they have affordable supplements waiting for you to take them home. If you are lucky you can get discounts up to a whopping 75% on anything from protein powder to natural supplements. Some of these may have short shelf life so take a look at the expiration dates. Be sure you check that before making your purchase. It is all about keeping your eyes open when you see sales and discounts.
  • One of the best ways to find cheap supplements is to look online. There are often offers for numerous supplements from good brands that are easily available. You can even find prices slashed down to 50% for things like whey protein powder when compared to offline stores. This is a huge plus, of course, and will save a bundle. The best part is that these deals are always floating around online and you don’t need to wait for discounts to knock on your door. Online shopping is also easy and convenient and buying affordable supplements this way is a great idea.

discount supplementsWhether you buy online or offline, you should compare rates and do what you can to get the best deals. Some retailers may be selling the same discount supplements for even cheaper. You definitely don’t want to miss out on that.  So, just by being a little careful, you can save a lot of money on supplements. However, be sure you stick to good name brands so that you don’t risk getting something unhealthy.  Name brands are expensive but worth it, and you can find affordable supplements from good brands through a lot of channels.  Good luck!


best ear plugsHigh decibel sound conditions are not uncommon today and amidst all the sound and noise it is important to ensure that your ears are safe and protected with the best ear plugs.  Normal hearing loss is a slow moving condition, but you can mitigate it to a large degree.  In order to avoid damage to your ears, you should look into purchasing some high quality plugs for your ears.  Ear muffs, earbuds, or earphones are just not going to cut it.  Quality devices such as Hearos Xtreme Protection ear plugs are easy to find online and are used by people from construction workers to musicians to preserve hearing. They are also used by many people while sleeping in order to block any noise so that they get a good night’s sleep. They may be simple in structure but there are numerous ear plugs in the market today and you should know how to choose the best ear plugs for the safety of your own ears.

  • The first criterion to check is the noise reduction rating or NRR. This rating is usually between 21 decibels to 33 decibels. In other words, the average dialogue will be no more than a whisper to your ears when you wear these. Generally speaking, the best NRR for you will depend on your requirements. If you want extreme peace, you can go for NRR 33 db. and if you want to be able to hear sounds such as the alarm clock faintly, you should go for a lower decibel rating for your plugs.
  • Next, you should check the shape of the ear plugs. This is important because the bones in the ear, known as the tympanic bones, are extremely delicate. They are in fact the smallest on the entire human body. Especially if you plan on using them regularly, you should put thought into the shape of the plugs. You won’t be comfortable if you buy the wrong shape because the joint in your ears will be irritated. The custom ear plugs can provide a great custom fit.  Custom or molded ear plugs may be pricey but remember that safety always comes first and comfort a close second!
  • Numerous different materials can be used to make ear plugs for work or ear plugs for sleeping. Foam is common but you should make sure that you clean your ear plugs regularly to avoid harm. Some of these may contain phthalate, which has been dubbed as a carcinogen by few. It is not officially proved but it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is the reason why silicon ear plugs are considered among the best ear plugs today. They are safe and they come with bacterial protection, which lacks in foam ear plugs.
  • Remember to use these ear plugs carefully. As aforementioned, improper insertion can be harmful. You should be careful while inserting them and you should also be aware of the fact that too much use of ear plugs can lead to infections and problems such as tinnitus.

If you take good care and use them properly, you can use ear plugs long term too. These are the best bet for those who have sleeping issues and also for those who are in the music profession. Make sure you buy only the best ear plugs and follow the instructions carefully in order to be completely safe. Again, a recommended brand is Hearos.  They’re easy to uses and inexpensive.

Gynecomastia is the medical term for enlarged breasts in men, otherwise known as “man boobs”. That being the case, it’s important to understand that gynecomastia can cause enlarged breasts or breast-like tissue, but it’s not the only cause.

Put simply, just because you have a bit of man boobs doesn’t mean you have this medical condition.

Gynecomastia is the abnormal development of mammary glands in males. Yes, we guys have mammary glands just like the ladies. Guess that’s why we have nipples too, although I’m still not sure what the purpose is. I’ll leave that for another day.

So once your mammary glands enlarge, the tissue around them begins to take on a boob-like appearance. Or in some cases a guy might experience “puffy nipples”. This is another common form of gynecomastia that is sometimes hereditary.

The thing to keep in mind is that this condition can happen to anyone at almost any age. In some cases, the problem can be a hormonal imbalance, which can be common in young guys. They usually grow out of it once puberty settles down.

And if you’re an older guy, you might have dropping testosterone levels which can cause various levels of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia by itself is not dangerous, but it could be part of a bigger hormonal problem. At any stage in your life if you start to experience a bit larger than normal chest fat, it could be something you should seek a doctor’s advice for. Gynecomastia surgery is sometimes an option to help remedy the situation, but you should really make sure that’s the best way to go.

Another reasons you might have man boobs besides gynecomastia is simply being overweight. Losing weight might be the best way to get rid of man boobs. An exercise regimen combined with a laser-targeted diet that avoids any kind of hormone disrupting chemicals can reduce your man mammaries to man memories.

Remember, you cannot exercise your chest and expect that it will reduce the fat deposits there. You need to burn fat on your whole body. Cardio is the best way to get your metabolism going and to start burning the fat everywhere, including your chest.

Then the second part of the equation is diet. When guys start looking into how to get rid of man boobs, they probably don’t think about what they’re eating because that’s commonly thought of as a belly issue. However, you need to really rethink what you eat, and when you eat it. Avoid sugar and treat anything with high fructose corn syrup like it’s a can full of toxic waste. Your body just doesn’t know what to do with that kind of sugar in such high concentrations. Additionally, avoid diet drinks. The artificial sweeteners can actually trick your body into thinking it’s getting sugar which causes it to release insulin. This counter-intuitive action can cause you to gain weight because your body is upping it’s storing of carbs and fats.

And don’t eat late at night. Those midnight snacks have nowhere to go, and no muscles exerting energy to burn them. They go right to your man boobs and belly.

Whether or not you have normal man boobs or actual gynecomastia, losing weight, exercising and eating right is going to make you feel healthier and a lot better about yourself. However, if you lose the weight and the moobs are still there, you might have further issues to deal with. But don’t despair. As always, if you have concerns about possible having this condition, you should seek the advice of your doctor, and they’ll get you on the right track.

Good luck, and remember, if you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.

PS: Here’s a short doc about how tough it can be to experience gynecomastia.

Many people struggle with their weight and are often scammed into some get thin fast scheme but the only real way to achieve your desired weight loss is through the natural weight loss. This method promotes healthy food and the right amount of intake for proper digestion. Participating in exercises will also help speed up the process for you.

Diet for the Body

One of the top concerns of many people these days are the heaviness of their body or being overweight. A popular remedy is in doing a natural weight loss diet where it is possible to drain off many years of fat from your entire body but also help you stand out during this process. According to natural health advice by experts, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis will help harmful toxins in our bodies to be flushed out. There are also herbal capsules such as the AyurSlim which works in three ways to manage your body weight. You can also try doing a hot yoga which works by doing yoga poses in a hot room of 95 to 100 Fahrenheit degrees. This will make you sweat in large amounts and help your body to become more flexible.

Safe and Lasting Natural Weight Loss

A major conception for most people is to think that skipping meals will result in weight loss. That is a wrong concept and can lead to dangerous consequences. Obese and overweight people who can?t maintain a weight loss diet can try taking natural foods. You can lose weight naturally by eating healthier foods and keeping yourself informed. You may even try Yoga so you can keep being active in your daily life with the additional motivation boost.  Drinking lots of water can help your digestive system function properly.  And it is wise to remember that additionally, products that claim to cause weight loss fast should be avoided especially.

Know Your Food

It is important to understand that tons of processed foods contain preservatives and extra sugar which can be a huge problem for your general health as well as hurt weight loss goals. To be free from accumulation of fat, you should take food in a small number of intervals with a controlled combination to cause a more uniform flow of nutrients and energy throughout the body. Studies have also shown that the weight of some obese and overweight people constantly keeps increasing despite their efforts to take very little amount of food. A lot of our health problems arise from improper digestion and so the answer maybe to intake more natural foods which help improve illness in a more proportioned manner. Some precautions should also be taken if you are using Ayurslim, you should remember to take food with lesser calories and have a balanced diet while also doing some exercise.

Losing Weight

The Himalaya AyurSlim is considered a natural weight losing therapy which is clinically proven and 100 % safe because it has no side effects.   Regular exercise is still one of the best ways to lose weight and is one of the natural weight loss treatments. Bear in mind that you may be dehydrated pretty fast when you are doing exercise to lose weight. Always drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water per day to avoid further complications. You will definitely start to see a difference in your weight and overall health when you make the choice to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Diet Plans

For many people finding out a diet plan which promises fast results yet completely effective is a great help towards achieving their goal. Although a good exercise program can help you greatly, it is often times than not your diet which can make or break your weight loss goals. With a healthy diet, you are assisting your body to function at its optimal level. Of course, you will have to make some sacrifices to meet your   ultimate target but paying close attention to your daily diet schedule and taking part in and encouraging natural weight loss techniques will surely help you a great deal and make the process much faster.   Basically, if you want to lose weight in the safest and most effective way, you want to make sure you are doing it in a way that your body responds to.  You don’t want to force your body to do anything it wouldn’t naturally do on its own.  This way you’ll see the best results that also will be the longest lasting.  Good luck!

Weight Loss for Women

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Weight loss for women can be quite difficult because it is so much harder to lose weight if you are a woman than if you are a man. Women need to make adjustments on their diet without neglecting their needs such as calcium. Weight loss should also be combined with exercise and proper motivation to make it more successful.

Weight Loss for Women

weight lossWhy is it so much harder for women to lose weight?   It might seem harder, but we’re not saying it’s that much harder.  Women might have to work a bit harder due to natural processes that are beyond their control.  Any woman who is tired of getting nowhere in their efforts can try some tips to get them started on their quest to lose weight. A type of food that must be included in your daily diet in order to have better success in weight loss is the berry or berries. One activity that also encourages weight loss for women is exercising when the television is on even if it is only during the commercials. Also, natural weight loss supplements can really prove to be very efficient in helping you lose weight.

Needed: Time, Discipline, Effort, Discomfort

To be in good health requires a much needed discipline, time, effort, and sometimes discomfort. When we were young we were able to do a lot of things because we were lighter and had more energy but as we grow up we find out that we get tired so easily now compared to before. What you need to do is to make sure that you choose the right options for your time. This can allow you to accomplish a lot of things. You can also try eating whole grains which can make you feel full for a long time while helping to stabilize the blood sugar.

It is not essential for women to avoid eating the foods that they like because they want to lose weight. It is wrong to think that can immediately begin to lose weight too just because they see their husbands or their male friends who simply stop drinking beer for a while and cut back on the amount of food that they eat and begins losing weight. It’s easier and healthier for women to eat smaller portions of their favorite food with healthier ingredients than to give it up completely.  Brain scans that compared women and men show that there are big differences between them as far as cravings for food.  Examples of foods that can help you out and are perfectly healthy are barley, oats, quinoa and whole wheat.

Harder for a Woman

There are a lot of women complaining that it is harder for them to adhere to a diet and lose weight than it is for most men.   Men might have a problem losing a beer belly or getting rid of man boobs, but women may find different challenges.  Women need to keep in mind that numbers are deceiving between men and women because men are naturally heavier than women on average.   They may like to try yogurt as a healthy alternative to other foods as it also contains calcium that women need for healthy bones. Running is also a great way for women to lose weight.

Perceived Weight

Researchers are trying to understand the brain’s mechanisms as far as controlling dietary intake and decided to begin brain scans on hungry males and females.  During studies, women have been shown to have less of an ability to suppress hunger than men.  About 27 percent of a woman’s body weight is fat while only about 15 percent of a man’s weight is. Females should definitely choose wisely the foods they eat to help them in losing weight while maintaining their health.   Trying to abstain from food and put yourself into starvation mode is not healthy.  Redefining your diet to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase vegetables and protein can go a huge distance toward helping you control your weight.   Also, adding exercise to your routine will help increase your metabolism and give you a greater sense of well being overall.

Proper Diet

It is a fact that ladies are more exposed to food than men.  This fact might reveal a big secret that will help define the differences between men and women when it comes to food and weight control.  You don’t have to completely remove some of the foods you love to eat from your diet but just make adjustments to your diet. If you are low on calcium during a low-calorie diet, you may want to think about starting to eat yogurt which is more helpful than milk.  Including vegetables and certain fruits (with low sugar) is a great way to help you stay feeling full and keep you from jumping right into grabbing some ice cream or cake.  This redefined diet is also something that can be delicious and doesn’t have to be a bore.

In conclusion, it is essential for all women to become aware of what is normal and healthy for their age, height, and body build.

Here’s an inspirational video for women’s weight loss:

Brain Injuries: Hurting Our Sense of Self

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brain healthThe brain may be the most powerful asset of a person, without it we are nothing. But what are we without our mind? Many studies show that injuries and health risks to our brain can be potentially high and dangerous. It can result in the loss of motor functions or paralysis. We can help nurture our brain by eating healthy foods that supplement it.  But what and where does the mind reside, and how do you nourish an idea?  We begin by looking at the brain itself, the hardware.

Brain/Mind Problems

Brain atrophy poses a dangerous risk to people with MS because they can develop brain atrophy with no real evidence that it is actually happening except for the results from the MRI. The statistics indicate that there are certain people who are more predisposed to having a brain injury than others with the most obvious gauge being their gender or age.  Cancer treatment can also get very complicated because there are over 120 different types of brain tumors. It can be hard to determine exactly what the brain tumor is.

Depression is one of the more common problems that people have after a stroke. This is where the brain and mind seem to have a tangible connection. Stroke can also result in vision problems in some cases. Some patients will experience difficulties in controlling their movements due to muscle stiffness while others may experience muscle spasms affecting not only their posture but also their ability to speak. In more rare cases patients have balance related problems or a combination of the above mentioned types. Working out each day for twenty or thirty minutes is a good way to supply your brain with the right volume of oxygen it needs to keep anxiety at bay, reduce melancholy and anxiety and hopefully reduce the risk of a stroke. It will also make it easier for the brain to focus on what is essential such as collecting new ideas and solving problems. As with elderly people, their forgetfulness is the most typical problem they end up with and it is an event that can lead to a lot of unpleasant experiences.  Researchers have shown that fish consumption among Japan’s population is much greater than the United States.  This is connected to lower rates of depression and better brain health.

Brain Hemorrhage

A person who has experienced a brain hemorrhage can still enjoy a long and productive life if they get treatment immediately and care is taken to do anything possible to restore function.  As the level of ATP in brain cells sinks, the volume of adenosine grows. Studies have shown that it can help slow down brain atrophy. It is also considered that eating whole grains is good for the brain as it helps to bring clarity to thought, sharpen analytical skills and hone the brain’s creative ability.

The brain as a whole is a very complex organ and we should treat it with care. However we must also do our parts in understanding how it works so that we can react accordingly and nourish our brain with the nutrients it needs. The brain is essential for a lot of things such as our motor skills and memory capabilities.

Organ of the Body

The brain is a huge resource user of the blood and nutrients.  However, our body cannot make these fatty acids and it must consumed and integrated as a part of our natural diet but stay clear of highly refined sugars at all cost as they raise the body’s energy for only a significant period of time and the damage is more great than the benefits. It is helpful to remind ourselves that for many years, athletes have trained their bodies to perform different functions as effectively as possible and that winning can be driven by many biochemical activities that take place without our conscious knowledge and that are operating behind the scenes, are repetitive and can be integral to our systems.

Things to Understand

Successful people know that that if they wanted to make more money, they would need to do less of what did not work and more of what worked while also trying to experiment some new things. Aerobic exercise is a said to be as effective as taking a Zoloft depression pill.   At the least, it’s universally accepted to be  good for adults and may just be the best thing our kids do to have optimal brain function for the best academic learning they can have. Their right brain will be used to making things happen and work. This can really prove to be successful towards improving our ability to learn new things. You may also have noticed that children have the tendency to remember and pick up things much faster than adults do.

Improve Our Memory

There are also certain things we can do to improve our memory. Taking an Omega 3 supplement such as fish oil is a huge one.  You can try a variety of techniques and even fun games which can be used to assist people in increasing their memory and brain function. Doxidorel is also considered as one of the best memory pills available while bananas are said to be great for short term memory.  Eating a banana can be a boost.  There is a lot of information readily available at our disposal which tackles on the subject of what we should eat or drink, in order to improve the performance or function of our brain.  The most concentrated fat chain in the brain that plays a huge and vital part in the brain’s structure and activities is DHA. There are of course specialized training exercises which can teach the brain to think differently and function differently.

Brain as an Organ

The brain is an amazingly complex yet resilient organ in our body. The development of a baby?s brain will start from the time when the baby is still in the womb. Animals also have brains but can sometimes functions differently from us such as a fruit fly with smaller brains and learning mental ability but need more sleep than the human being. This is because it seems that animals conformed to a system of rules of sleep to fit their surroundings then co-opted that rest time for functions more expeditiously. It is further.  It is best to be familiar with certain parts of the brain. We have the frontal lobe which is located at the front part of the brain. The right part of brain however, moves from whole to parts, holistically.